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What You Need When Contacting HR for Help

The human resources department assists with multiple aspects of employment, including problems with workplace-employee relations. Thus, you may need to contact someone in that department if you experience harassment, bullying, discrimination, or other unfair treatment. These are three things you need to have when you contact them:

Dates and Times

Having a good idea of the times and dates your incidents occurred before you contact human resources is essential. You need them in case the department decides to investigate the matters and has to request surveillance tape replays. By having time and date approximations, you can shorten the investigation time.

Incident Explanations

You should also explain what happened and why you believe the incident was discriminatory, unlawful, or against policy. You can use written documents, pictures, recordings, or anything else that explains what happened and why it wasn't appropriate for the workplace.


It will be advantageous if you have some witnesses in your corner who can testify to confirm the incident occurred. It's always better to have at least one other person who was there when you experienced the mistreatment. Unfortunately, not all coworkers are willing to speak up when they see wrongdoings, and you might get stuck trying to prove your case alone. You should still proceed with it so that other people don't have to go through the same in the future.

Other Documentation

You'll need to submit all other documents that can help you to validate your case. For example, you can submit papers from therapy sessions or doctor's appointments resulting from the incidents you experienced at work. Those proofs can help the HR department determine how severe your complaint is and whether a massive risk to the company exists from an unresolved complaint.

Try to be as prepared as possible when you contact human resources. Don't be afraid to contact organizations or attorneys outside the job for second or third opinions. Other providers often have a broader scope of help they can offer workers because they are not partial to the company.

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