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Signs That You Might not Be Getting the Job

If you've recently been to a job interview, you might be wondering if you're going to get that hiring call you desire. Nothing is certain until you get an acceptance call or a rejection letter.

However, these are three top signs that the employer will most likely move forward with another candidate.

They Tell You They'll Call You

An employer who is eager to hire you usually won't let you walk out the door without offering you a job. An employer who lets you walk away may not feel that you're a match for the job. That's not always the case, but it's a sign that the employer is keeping its options open.

They Announce Their Future Hiring Event

The interviewer you're speaking to might not be interested in securing your services if he or she mentions a hiring event or multiple interviews in the near future. In other words, you can assume that you don't hold a high place in the candidacy if the employer talks more about upcoming interviews than about you and your hiring process.

They Don't Seem Enthused

Sometimes, interviewers just don't seem enthused. You can read it in their expressions and hear it in their voices. It's not always that you aren't a good candidate, however. Some individuals don't care for the interview process. Others might be nervous about their first experience giving interviews. In some cases, it's the candidate and not the interview process. You can take it as an unfavorable sign just to be on the safe side and continue your job search diligently.

Those are three ways you can get a feel for a prospective employer's desire to hire you. You may want to keep sending your resume if you notice that any of those situations occurred. The employer might surprise you, but you might not want to count on that happening.

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