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Mr Otterly

It's Time to Get a Game Plan for Your Job Search

Oh man, it's 2023. So much has changed since we were kids, right? We grew up with flip phones and now we're talking about space travel. Technology is no longer just a part of our lives - it has become the new normal. And so, the job search has changed too.

The way we used to find jobs doesn't work anymore - so if you're on the hunt for a gig, here's your guide to success in the 2023 job market!

Adapting to Change

The first thing you'll need when embarking on your job search is an open mind and willingness to adapt. The world of work looks different than it did 5 years ago - what was important then isn't necessarily important now. That doesn't mean that all of your previous experience is useless; employers still want highly qualified candidates with experience and skills that match their needs. However, they also want candidates who can think outside the box and are open to embracing change. So while you should keep all of your past-experience in mind, don't be afraid to look into new opportunities or industries as well.

Utilizing Technology

Technology plays an increasingly large role in finding a job these days – from searching job boards online to using social media platforms like LinkedIn – technology offers countless opportunities for connecting with potential employers or recruiters who may have roles that fit your skill set. Additionally, many companies are utilizing virtual interviewing platforms as part of their recruitment process due to remote working options becoming more common over the last few years. Utilizing these tools properly can help increase your chances of landing your dream role!

Know What You Want & Go After It

The most important thing when embarking on a job search is having a clear idea of what type of role you’re looking for and having a plan in place for how you’re going to achieve it. Do some research into the industry or sector that interests you – what qualifications are needed? What skills do employers value? Be sure to update your resume/CV accordingly and make sure that it highlights any relevant experience or training that you have completed over the years – this will give potential employers an accurate representation of who you are and what you can bring to their team!

It’s 2023 – time to get out there and start looking for those jobs! With some research, willingness to adapt, and knowledge of current technology trends, success in this ever-changing job market is possible. Don’t be afraid of change - embrace it and use it as fuel for reaching new heights in your career! Good luck out there!

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